Case Study: How Mary’s Aged Care Providers Adoption of Icosian Has Improved Her Life

Since Mary’s home care provider onboarded Icosian her ease of access to healthcare has improved significantly and she claims this has improved the overall quality of her care. 


Mary is a 61 year old widow who lives in her own small place in the outer suburbs of Brisbane. After losing her husband, she downsized to make taking care of her home easier. Over the past few years she’s found herself beginning to struggle with various day to day tasks and needing to rely on a number of healthcare providers throughout her week. Luckily, her oldest daughter Jasmine helps to find and book appointments for Mary. 

The Challenge 

To begin with, Mary was able to manage her own 1-2 appointments a month. However, as her needs for healthcare increased it was becoming overwhelming for her to find the right therapists for the right time. Alongside this, managing and keeping track of her appointment schedule was to difficult with many accidental overlaps. Jasmine, her oldest daughter, realised this was becoming too much for her mother to handle herself and has been helping out for the past year. However, between being a mother herself, a wife and work, this can also be difficult for Jasmine to stay on top of. 

As much as Mary was dreading the thought of moving into a retirement village, this was becoming a real possibility as she did not want to continue to burden her oldest.    

The Solution 

Mary’s homecare provider decided to onboard the Icosian Software for its many beneficial features. Because of this decision, Mary and Jasmine have each been given their own account to access. This allows Mary to login and view all her upcoming appointments, and allows Jasmine to search for therapists and book appointments instantly from her mobile. 

Jasmine says, “Managing Mum’s appointments has become so easy. All I have to do is search an accredited therapist in her area and book an available appointment, then Icosian takes care of the rest.” 

Because Mary struggles with computers she says, “All I do is look at the calendar view of my appointments and I can see my whole schedule,” she further stated, “I feel much better now I know how easy it is for Jasmine to manage my healthcare.” 

The Results 

Since integrating Icosian into Mary’s healthcare she is now accessing four appointments a week and not had one double booking. Most of these appointments are booked to be reoccuring each week. But when Jasmine needs to book an additional appointment for her mother she claims it takes a minute to login, search a therapist, view their customer ratings and booking an appointment. With easy access to quality homecare, the thought of Mary moving into a retirement village is no longer and Mary and Jasmine feel a lot more in control of their schedule. 

Your Company Overview 

Icosian is a mobile workforce management software which aims to empower the new generation of service providers. It’s services aim to make customers, such as Mary, life much easier and to give her access to the care she requires. With its multi party access portal, every member of the healthcare process responsibility’s is made easier.