Features for Home Care Providers

Give customers the tools to book your services online

Unlock new sources of revenue with your own booking portal, built into your existing website.

Automatically generate customer and contractor invoices

Distribute invoices to patients, funders and contractors with a click of a button; and forget about duplicate entry in your accounting software of choice.

Fully integrated with

Coming Soon

A comprehensive care management solution

Reduce appointment wait times with smart scheduling, plus an extensive range of features to introduce efficiencies across your organisation.

Therapist service areas

Smart appointment scheduling

Manage therapist qualifications

Customer management

Payroll and employment tools

Upload clinical notes and files

Full-circle feedback and ratings

Custom users and transitions

A tool that’s for more than just your back-office

We know there are more pieces to the puzzle than just your internal team. Icosian makes life easy for the contractors, case managers, customers, and funders that you work with.

Leverage your network of existing therapists and external suppliers

Icosian allows you to instantly connect with and book therapists that are available within your existing pool of staff and contractor, reducing your need to rely on expensive labour hire solutions.

Please contact us to see how Icosian can help shape the future of your organisation.