Modern workforce management

Unlock the true potential of your business with the most holistic booking and workforce management solution on the market.

Who we are

Icosian is a booking and workforce management platform that has been designed for organisations with a large mobile workforce. It's a "business in a box" that streamlines business processes and improves outcomes for customers.

Icosian has been co-developed with major industry partners to ensure that all stakeholders have powerful tools to manage staff, contractors, customers, referrals and payments easily online.

What we do

Icosian was built to streamline your people processes.


Seamlessly connect with everyone that matters - all in one location.


Give customers and service providers the tools to manage bookings and payments online.


Streamline your workforce and admin processes to enable growth, whilst keeping your customers first.


Maintain full transparency over past and future bookings, event notes, qualifications and files.

Invoice and pay

Integrated payment infrastructure allows you to collect and send payments from funders and customers instantly.

Book online

With full online booking capabilities, Icosian allows you to access new sources of fee-for-service revenue.

Who we work with

Icosian is a flexible tool that has been built for organisations that operate in the following industries.

Please contact us to see how Icosian can help shape the future of your business.