Inspiring Excellence

Icosian inspires service providers to grow efficiently in today's highly competitive and consumer-driven market.

Who we are

Icosian is a sophisticated and flexible workforce and appointment management platform that transforms the way businesses operate in today's highly competitive and consumer-driven market.

Icosian has been designed to solve the challenges associated with managing a large mobile workforce, and gives providers the tools to focus on delivering cost-effective, high quality services to their customers.

A new way of working

Icosian allows you to provide unparalleled quality to your customers.


Connect with everyone that matters and coordinate outcomes in a single, intuitive application.


Give customers and service providers the tools to manage bookings and payments online.


Streamline your workforce and administration processes better than you ever have before.


Maintain full transparency over past and future bookings, event notes, qualifications and files.

Invoice and pay

Integrated payment infrastructure allows you to collect and send payments from funders and customers instantly.

Book online

With full online booking capabilities, Icosian allows you to access new sources of fee-for-service revenue.

Who we work with

The Icosian platform delivers a competitive edge to customers across a wide range of industries.

Please contact us to see how Icosian can help shape the future of your business.