Optimise Everything

Icosian is a one touch solution that revolutionises the way in which businesses manage their customers and mobile workforce at scale.

Who we are

Icosian is a sophisticated and flexible workforce, customer, appointment and billing management solution. It optimises the way that service providers operate in today's highly competitive and consumer-driven market.

Icosian has been co-developed with major industry partners to ensure that all stakeholders have powerful tools to manage staff, contractors, customers, referrals and payments easily online.

What we do

Icosian was built to streamline all aspects of your operation - allowing you to scale efficiently and deliver top-quality services to your clients.

Serious efficiency gains

Streamline your workforce and admin processes. It's time to scale efficiently.

Client booking portal

Let clients self-manage appointment bookings and requests.

Optimised workforce

Intelligent, real-time rostering and scheduling of mobile staff.

Always connected

Connect with all key users and simplify your coordination tasks.

Single source of truth

A centralised location for files, clinical notes and staff qualifications.

Reduce duplication

Fully integrated and automated invoicing processes. Finally!

Who we work with

Icosian delivers a competitive edge to organisations across a wide range of industries.

Please contact us to see how Icosian can help shape the future of your business